Privacy Policy

Thank you for reading this Privacy Policy carefully regarding our website.

This site is owned by the company "hotel" based in Manali, Himachal and has fully complied with the General Regulation on Personal Data Protection (EU Regulation 2016/679 - "GDPR Regulation").

This Privacy Policy defines and explains on the one hand the terms and conditions governing the processing of Personal Data collected by our Company through this website, and on the other hand how we protect the confidentiality and confidentiality of such Data.

The management and protection of the Personal Data of the user / visitor of our website and / or our electronic services, which become known to the Company due to the visit to our website and / or electronic services, are subject to the following terms, in combination with the relevant provisions of national, European and international law, as well as the decisions, instructions and regulations of the Personal Data Protection Authority.

Data Processor

Responsible for Data Processing is the company "hotel" based in Manali, Himachal, Bharat.

In order to exercise your rights or to submit a complaint regarding the management or processing of your Personal Data or for any relevant question, you can contact the Processor at the following email address "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.".

What is Personal Data

Personal Data is all the information that refers to a specific natural person, regardless of informational value and weight, and which can be used for the direct or indirect identification of the person. That is, it is all those elements that allow our Company to know specifically who you are, such as name, email address, contact phone number, etc.

What is Personal Data Processing

Personal Data Processing is any work or series of tasks performed on Personal Data, such as collecting, registering, organizing, preserving or modifying, modifying, exporting, using, transmitting, disseminating, linking, linking, capturing, deleting and destroying.

What Personal Data do we collect

We collect only the necessary data for the purposes for which they are intended. So you can generally use this website without disclosing your Personal Data to us, other than what is necessary for the operation of the website. Thus, the Personal Data we process is what you either choose to provide during the use of our website and / or our online services, or what is automatically collected and stored in our databases for security reasons.

The services provided through our website are aimed at a general audience and are not aimed at minors under 18 years of age. If we find that we have inadvertently collected Personal Data of minors, we will proceed directly to delete them from our files.

We may process the following information:

Which we receive directly from you:

  • Any personal information you submit, such as your email address and your marketing preferences or any other information provided during the use of the website and / or subscription to our newsletter.

Which are collected automatically:

  • The name of your internet provider (Internet Provider) and your IP address (Internet Protocol Address), which we use to diagnose problems with our computers, and to record your interest and your visits to our website.
  • Information that allows us to remember you and your preferences, as well as for technical reasons, through the use of cookies, but only if you provide your explicit consent to the collection of such information. See the "Cookies Policy" below for more information.

Please do not send us and disclose any Sensitive Data through this website (information related to racial / ethnic origin, health, political / religious views, etc.).

Why and how we process your Personal Data

In any case, we process your Personal Data for specific, explicitly defined and legal purposes. This Data is not subject to any further processing in a manner incompatible with those purposes.

Your Data is processed for the following purposes:

With your voluntary consent (GDPR Regulation article 6 par. 1 (a)) you can, in any way you choose, receive:

  1. Information material (newsletter) from the Company
  2. Advertising material / offers from the Company

Or even allow us to use Cookies with voluntary consent. See the "Cookies Policy" below for more information.

In all the above cases you can of course withdraw your consent at any time, without affecting the legality of the processing that has taken place before the withdrawal of consent.

Withdrawal of consent can be done by clicking on the corresponding link "unsubscribe" which you will find alternatively either in the confirmation message which you will receive immediately after your registration in our above promotional services, or in each subsequent message that you will receive with corresponding material from Our company, or at the bottom of our website.

Please note that in order to be able to fulfill the above requests, it is necessary to provide us with the Data marked with an asterisk (*) at the respective points of the website, thus consenting to the use of this Data. Without this Mandatory Data we cannot proceed further, as these are necessary in order for the specific functions of our website that you request to be available. If you choose not to provide us with this Data, we may not be able to provide you with our services, provide you with a high quality service or may not respond to your other requests.

Please note that your Data may in any case be processed for:

  1. reasons for compliance with applicable law and generally in order for the Company to fulfill all its obligations arising from the law (eg data protection legislation, commercial legislation).
  2. securing or defending legal claims and rights in the interest of the Company in court or extrajudicial proceedings, but also compliance with legal procedures and court decisions.
  3. obtaining statistics on the use of this website, based on our legal interest in improving our website and the provision of our services.
  4. technical and security reasons, based on our legal interest in the proper, safe and effective operation of the website.

We emphasize that the Data collected for the purposes under (c) and (d) (eg IP address, cookies), although they could lead to the identification of the user, are not used for this purpose except as mentioned for statistical purposes. or improve the performance of the site, and provided that your interests and rights are not substantially affected. This Data may only be stored temporarily and anonymously.

Cookies Policy

Cookies are small text files that contain amounts of information that are stored on your device when you visit a website through the browser you use. This information can be sent back to the website at each subsequent visit, or to another website that recognizes these cookies.

Cookies facilitate your browsing of the website, are used for statistical purposes and generally improve the efficiency of the use of the website. They do not identify the user except the device you are using.

The Company can use two types of cookies: (1) Necessary functional cookies that are required for technical reasons and which ensure the necessary functionality of our website and (2) Statistical cookies that are used for the purpose of measuring traffic to our website.

We can use both categories of cookies only with your consent. When you first access our site, a warning pop-up window will appear, which will require your consent to the collection of cookies. If you do not give your consent, your device will not be monitored for activities related to the above. In any case, you can use our website without installing these cookies, however this may lead to limitation of the functions or negatively affect the usability of our website.

More information about cookies is available at .

You rejected cookies on our website earlier.

This decision can be reversed at any time by clicking the "Accept Cookies" button.

Cookies used by our website

Cookie Name Cookie Value Cookie Expiration Cookie Description

Information Linking and Links to Other Websites

We note that this website includes links to other websites which are under the responsibility of third parties, and in no case is the Company responsible for the terms of protection and management of personal data followed by these websites.

People who have access to your Data

Your Data may be processed by the following persons:

  1. From the Processor
  2. From the staff of the Controller who is authorized to process your Personal Data for the execution of his duties in relation to the purposes mentioned above, as well as for the processing of your requests.
  3. With the exception of third party service providers and companies cooperating with the Company, which, having contractually committed to the confidentiality and protection of your Data, carry out on our behalf and in accordance with our instructions work necessary to achieve the objectives are strictly linked to the use of the site and the provision of its services.
  4. Third parties such as competent judicial, police and other administrative authorities upon their legal request or for our legal protection and in accordance with the applicable legal provisions.

In the above cases, only the Data that is necessary for the execution of the works by the third parties are disclosed.

The Company will in no case transmit Personal Data to third countries outside the European Union or international organizations, except to subsidiaries / affiliates and to third parties entrusted by the subsidiaries / affiliates, upon relevant order, the processing of personal data and in accordance with the terms hereof.

Subject to the provisions of this Policy, no personal information is the subject of rental, sale, public posting or disclosure to other companies, organizations or websites.

Data storage and time limit

Your Data is kept by the Company in its databases abroad and / or in the databases of the electronic applications that it uses to provide the services, only for the absolutely necessary period of time to achieve the purposes for which they were collected, such as analyzed above. Thus, they are stored for as long as your consent has been given, unless otherwise required by law or for as long as is required in order to defend our legitimate interests. Criteria for determining the time for which your Data will be stored are (a) compliance with the deadlines set by law, (b) the principle of minimization and limitation of data and (c) the need to safeguard the interests of the Company.

Therefore, (a) when you subscribe to our newsletter, your consent and your Personal Data are retained for as long as the relevant promotional material is sent to you, ie until you withdraw your consent, and (b) when we must comply with a legal obligation under tax, labor, etc. legislation we will retain Personal Data for as long as is required to comply with that obligation.

At the end of the above storage period, your Data will either be completely deleted or kept anonymous.

Assurance and quality of your Personal Data

The Company undertakes to keep your Personal Data safe, confidential, and correct for the retention period provided in this Personal Data Protection Policy.

The Company informs the users or visitors of the website that it takes all reasonable technical and organizational security measures for the protection of their Personal Data and fully complies with the provisions of the GDPR Regulation (articles 25-32) to avoid loss, destruction or not. authorized access to data, their illegal or irregular use.

The Company has adopted specific security procedures and ways of securing your Personal Data in its IT systems and platforms.

These measures shall be amended whenever necessary.

The operation protocol of the IT system of our Company is in full compliance with the legislation on Data Protection.

Your Personal Data Rights

Pursuant to Articles 15-22 of the GDPR Regulation, you can at any time contact the Controller at the contact details listed above, to exercise your following rights or any questions you may have:

  1. The right to information about your Personal Data collected by us.
  2. The right of access to your Data. You can in any case be informed about whether we process your Data, in what ways, etc., but in any case you can receive a copy of the information kept by the Company for you, within 30 days from the submission of the relevant request.
  3. The right to correct inaccurate data, to supplement their deficiencies or to update them.
  4. The right to delete under certain circumstances. If the Personal Data we collect is no longer needed for any purpose and the law does not oblige us to maintain it, we will do whatever it takes to delete it.
  5. The right to restrict processing. In case the immediate limitation of the processing is not possible, we will explain to you the reason why we cannot proceed with it.
  6. The right to data portability. You can ask us to transfer your data to you or another processor. However, in some cases due to the Company's substantiated obligations, your request may not be accepted.
  7. The right to object / object to the processing in order to stop the processing of your Data, unless there are other legitimate reasons that override your right. If you have given your consent to the processing, you may revoke it at any time in the future, in the ways set out above.

The request for exercise of your rights is free, unless the request is obviously unfounded or excessive.

Submitting a Complaint / Protest

In case you consider that the protection of your Personal Data is affected in any way, you can appeal to the local Personal Data Protection Authority.

Before submitting the above complaint, it is recommended that you contact the Company's Head of Processing, exercising your rights under Articles 15 to 22 of the GDPR Regulation, where they apply.

In cases where the Data Controller has designated a Data Protection Officer ("DPO") you can contact him or her for any questions regarding the processing of your personal Data and the exercise of your related rights.

Modification of Personal Data Protection Policy

We may renew the Privacy Policy from time to time and whenever deemed necessary, within the applicable legal framework. Any renewed Privacy Policy will be published on our website and any changes will take effect from their posting on it, and you will be sent a relevant email.

It is advisable to visit our Company's Privacy Policy frequently to be informed.